Reiki Journey

Hello There 🙂

Well today is one of those shitty days! Got up and have no go in me at all. Awful feeling. So I’ve managed to do 2 loads of washing and hung it out, walked the dogs, sorted the puppies and changed the bed. Thrilling hey!!

Time consuming cutiepies 🙂

Amazing aren’t they. Had them since the night they were born as Mummy had been over bred and couldn’t look after them. So sad.

The Reiki journey continues!

The night I got home from my last session, after meeting the glowing lady, my mind was already in overdrive. I was trying to figure out where I could make a Reiki treatment room, how it would look, and then the bit that confused me… could I make money?? Did I even want to make money?? I was aware that Reiki wouldn’t work if the intention to heal isn’t from your soul, as such. If you wanted to go and do the course and then just lay your hands on people, without the correct intention the Reiki wouldn’t work. Quite rightly so!! I knew my intention was to help people and I knew I really didn’t mind about making money. My main concern was that it would be taking me away from job with the dogs. So I decided that the best plan was to book in sessions at lunch and evenings. I then decided that instead of being paid myself for a session I would do a treatment for a donation to the rescue animals. Bingo!

Now isn’t the above a perfect example of anxiety???? I had already got all of that planned  out and I hadn’t even attended the 1st part of the course!! It is an uncontrollable emotion that I was hoping the Reiki principals would help me with. That and deep breathing. When the anxiety kicks in and the throat and chest start to close I always try and slow my breathing and heart rate down. Its a bit embarrassing in public places, I don’t know about you, busy places set me right off and busy places where I don’t know anybody send me into over drive. I can shut off and breathe innnnnnnn and breathe ouuuuuuuut…. sometimes that helps, sometimes I have to run away. I am humiliated when I run. I can look forward to an event for so so long and then on the day I either can’t go, or, I get there and have to leg it after an hour. Things I definitely need to work on I feel.

Digressing again sorry about that!

On the day of the Reiki course I had all of the above symptoms and more. I felt better I had met my teacher, I felt better that my cousin and her friend were coming with me too. I think that’s a big deal. Having someone you know with you. I don’t think you necessarily  even need to tell them that you aren’t shitting rainbows most days, just having someone with you can make you feel better and make you feel stronger. Stronger is good. Surround yourself with people who make you feel that way and discard the ones that don’t!

So we rock up, late, one of my worst worries being late so the anxiety had built and built on the drive over. Walked into the room. Instantly felt relaxed, even though there was strangers in the room. This had me intrigued, how could a room feel like this? (I found out later on that Deb works exceptionally hard to keep the shop protected and it works a treat!)

My mind was all over the place, but I felt comfortable in my skin, its rare for me to feel like that. I couldn’t work the vibe out while I sat there, I figured out later it was the energy in the room making me feel relaxed. I’d never thought about atmosphere in an energetic way before, but it makes perfect sense! Everybody vibrates, if you are in a room where everyone is feeling excited for whats to come, then all of those people’s vibrations are on a similar frequency to you, this of course will feel amazing!

The course started and for the 6 hours we were in there I was hooked. It 100% helps when you can connect with your teacher, every time mine speaks I’m open-minded and full on listening, whether its face to face or by a Facebook message, she has my absolute attention, I think thats probably respect actually now I think about it.

The meditations were beautiful. The people in the room were also amazing. when we were taken off individually for our attunenments I didn’t feel nervous, I was excited!!

When the attunement started the loveliest glow came over me, I felt like the clouds had opened and the sun was beaming down onto the bottom of neck, like the warmest water was pouring over my head in the most beautiful way and the most intense feeling of peace.

After the attunements we then got to practise on others in the room. This was massive for me, as I said I am not a touchy feely person, this was the part of the day I was most worried about! All I can say is that it was phenomenal. We could pick up on where people had pain, whether someone was emotionally hurt, whether their spirituality was as a full on believer or not. Our hands were hot, each one of us had a hand more powerful than the other. Some parts of people’s body were hot and some cold, this was picked up by hovering our hands over the body and feeling the energy. It was very interesting as some people felt cold as positive and hot as negative, and some people vice versa.

We were advised that we would now start the seven-day cleanse. I was not sure what to expect at all!! The cleanse is kind of like your body is taking in all the energy you need to do the treatments, this energy is passed through your chakras a day at a time. It’s interesting to know that everyone in the group had a really intense seven days. Sore throats, Tired, emotional… we all really felt it and all felt pretty damn rough!!

On returning home I had the most intense headache ever. One of those ones where you know that it won’t go until you’ve been to sleep. So I had another fabulous nights sleep, again thanks to the Reiki.

The next morning when I woke up I decided to get cracking with the Reiki room. I shifted millions of boxes of books out of the gym (We have a charity shop, the donations stay at ours) I burnt rubbish, sorted decent stuff for the shop, had a right good clear out I did. I scrubbed until my fingers bled, really they bled haha! I worked solidly all day long on it for 2 days. Then the fun bit started where I could start buying bits for it! I started painting and hanging things and it soon started to come together.

After our part one attunement we could only practise on family and friends so my room wasn’t to be used too much, however I felt proud of myself for the 1st time in sooooo long it was crazy. I was concerned that once I had finished the room I would go straight back down, but I didn’t, yes I had horrific days, yet I really tried to focus on the positive things, the room and the fact I had level 2 to look forward to!

Heres my room….


Until next time..

Love and Light



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