Loosing our rescue boy. A poem for Archie.

Think we will all miss Archibald sneaking away with our toast and his little head resting on our knees… wrote a poem on behalf of all of us at the kennels ❤️
People ask us why we rescue,

Sometimes we wonder why we do,

Then comes along a dog like Archie,

Who made our souls feel blue
Archie quivered in his kennel, 

He was so consumed with fear,

‘Tell us what’s your story Arch?

Why won’t you just come near?’
‘I like the other dogs’ he said

‘I really like to play!’

‘But if you are a person

I just wish you’d go away’
‘These 2 silly women,

By the names of sue and jess,

Would not give up on me it seems!

O I’ll put them to the test’
‘They sat inside my kennel,

They tried to bribe me with some treats,

They took me in the field to run 

And even shared their meats!’
‘I really really tried them,

I made them cry and sad,

They still kept coming back though,

I thought… guess they aren’t so bad’
‘I tried hard in the field now,

When jess wanted me to do some tricks,

Sometimes she’d sit and cry though,

I’d reward her with some licks!’
‘They opened up their garden gate,

And what a treat was that!

I would sneak out of my kennel,

Then when seen I’d just run back’
‘I made friends with Twink and Bear,

And Fred and Coco too,

I wasn’t sure on Denzil,

So I’d run out of his way’
‘I really liked my time here,

I really had some fun,

I know I drove you crazy,

But quite enjoyed my tellings off’
‘You accepted all my quirks and stuff,

You never did give up,

You laughed when most would shout now, 

And you always scratched my butt’
‘Thank you for your time,

And for your tender loving care.

I’m not due to be here any longer,

But I’m needed right up there’
‘So when I cross the bridge tonight,

Please rest and be assured,

I’m safe, relaxed and happy,

And I’m greatful I was yours’
This is why we rescue,

Why we do the things we do,

To save the souls of Archibalds,

And make their dreams come true.
Before you go to sleep tonight

Light a candle, say a prayer,

Let’s light the way for our boy Arch,

So we know he’s safely there.

Author: madalalaland

Just want to heal the world

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